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FAS2240-4 with 12x2TB and a default storage configuration?


I am trying to design the storage configuration for this box with two additional DS4243 with 450GB SAS disks. What is the default aggregate configuration which will be shipped from factory? I would imagine it will be an aggr0 on 3x2TB  with root volume in it for each controller?




Thanks for this. Do you also know in what slots those 12x 2TB drives will be installed by default?

Does it make any difference for you? If it does, you can swap theme around (when the filer is powered off).



It is kinda a weird answer really. I recon you dont know?

I am doing a proper LLD and you would normally need to put a disk placement in there, hence the question. If you reshuffle the disks after you would need to reconfigure the aggregates including the one with a root vol?

I don't know, indeed, as I never considered this to be important (I'm not even sure whether there is any rule).

Physical location of a disk in a particular bay is irrelevant - you can actually move an entire aggregate to a different system (re-ordering disks at the same time).

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