ONTAP Hardware

FAS8040 - e0e and e0f Ports Amber and Green Lights On all the Time




Apologies I am a bit of a newbie and this might be a very simple question.  We have an issue with the e0e and e0f ports on the second node of the controller.  Regardless of if there is an SFP installed or cable connected both the green and amber lights are on contiually.  When you do connect a network cable there is no connectivity to the switch.  Just wondered if anyoen had seen a similar issue.


Many thanks




Probably the UTA2 personality... what is the output of "system node hardware unified-connect show" (if 7-Mode "ucadmin show")?  Do the ports show as FC or CNA?  For ethernet it needs to be modified "system node hardware unified-connecdt modify" to cna and then a reboot or takeover and giveback on the node to apply the setting.

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