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Hot Add new DS14Mk2 AT Shelf to new loop supported ?


Can we add a new DS14Mk2 AT (SATA) disk shelf to a NetApp controller non-disruptively on a new loop ?

I referred the below document and in page-161, the table says, 'You can only hot-add a DS14mk2 AT disk shelf to an existing DS14mk2 AT disk shelf.'


Does it mean, it doesn't support Hot adding SATA shelf to NetApp controller non-disruptively on a new loop ? If it is supported, can you point me to the right document where it says so ?




No, it means you cannot hot-add the shelf to a loop containing FC shelves. You can, of course, hot-add a new DS14 shelf to a completely new FC port on your filer, as long as tthis port is configured as INITIATOR (not TARGET).

See, for example, the DS14mk2 AT Hardware Service Guide (https://now.netapp.com/NOW/knowledge/docs/hardware/filer/210-02360_F0.pdf) on page 48, chapter "Hot-adding a disk shelf to an existing adapter in your system"

hope that helps



Thanks for the information Michael. Cheers

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