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How can we perform a head swap between a FAS2050 and a FAS3140C with partial data migration?



We have to switch heads from a FAS2050 to a FAS3140C. Currently the FAS2050 has five DS14mk4 fully populated, but its root volume is on its head.

Along with the FAS3140C, we bought two DS14mk4 to migrate the data from FAS2050 head's disks, since the FAS3140C doesn't have any disks itself.

The original plan was to copy the aggr0 from the old storage's head (alongside with the root volume) to the new storage, then make the new storage boot using the old storage's definitions, but evidently we are not completely sure how this could be done preserving the storage's metadata (e.g. LUN ownership).

Any ideas? Is the migration procedure attached close to what has to be performed??

PS: We have SnapMirror licenses for both heads, but no MultiStor.



Dear ..

First add the new shelves to the exsisting FAS2050. Create a new aggr-new. Now snapmirror all the volumes on the agg0 to aggr-new.

Once you have a planned down time. do the final mirror, Break the snapmirror relationship for root volume. Make the new volume as root and reboot each node at a time. please note that the cluster should be disabled while you reboot.

Hope this helps.




please note that the cluster should be disabled while you reboot.

Why? It is enough to do takeover/giveback for the head where root volume is being moved. This way it can be done non-disruptively.


Its always advisable to do it takinga downtime. I have never done this in NDU mode. But may be possible.


Well ... I have never done it with downtime

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