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How to Format the drives on a netapp storage


Hi to all,

Actually I am new to NetApp storage. We have a FAS2020-R5 netapp storage system.

We were using for one of our project, now we want to format the data on this storage device. How can we do this.

Is there any software available to manage the disk??

Thanks for your valuable inputs.





Hi Madden,

Thanks for providing a clear picture of the netapp storage architecture. Can you provide me with the commands reference/ guide to run this activities namely just to destroy the FlexVols and recreate it and for destroying the disks and sanitize it.




Data ONTAP implements storage virtualization by bundling disks into aggregates.  On the aggregate you then create FlexVols, and potentially LUNs in the FlexVols, to store user data.

Assuming your aggregate layout is OK, to remove data on an aggregate just offline and destroy the FlexVols.  If your aggregate layout is not OK, you have to offline, destroy, and recreate your aggregates.  If you only have a single aggregate, and not enough spare disks to create a temporary small aggregate to hold the root vol while you destroy/recreate the current one, then you basically need to do a fresh install.

If your concern is about sensitive data on the physical disks, and you want to make sure that if someone took a physical disk from the NetApp system and connected it to a PC that no data could be read from it, then you need to destroy the disks and use sanitize for highest levels of security, or just reinstall with zero disks option if you don't need multiple overwrites.

Hope that helps.


Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA


If you want to delete information, you could simply reinstall filer - it will zero all disks as the first step.


Hi aborzenkov,

Thanks for you quick answer. How can i do this ???

Is there any tool to re-install the filer.


Hi Abdul,

Have look at this url


I hope It may help you




Hi Hari Krishna,

Thanks for this link, it is helpful.

This article shows to reinitialize the netapp storage, for which i have to start everything from scratch.Is there any other option by which i can only format the data on the drives and keep the partitions as it is.

We have 4 disks each of 1 TB and we are made 2 drives of 2 TB each, so we would like to just wipe the data on the drives without re-initializing the drives.



have u gone thru this thread





1-Reboot the controller

2-  Break with ctrl+C  while booting

3- Chose 4a or 4  ( clean all disk )

this procedure zero all disk and create new  aggregate with 3 disk   after openining  data ontap  ;  it is waiting  setup command prompt

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