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ISCSI basic setup?


I want to assign a LUN to a physical windows server 2008 R2 machine using two 1gb ethernet connections.  I feel that i have everything in place but for some reason i cant get the multipathing to work and I want to see what im missing.

Fas 3240

     Vprod - 276 -

     Vprod - 277 -

Windows machine

     Ethernet 2 -

     Ethernet 3 -

Ethernet 2 is on vlan 276

Ethernet 3 is on vlan 277  I can ping both vprod interfaces from the windows machine.

I am able to discover both initiators but i can assign one of them.  If I open MPIO the iscsi multipathing option is greyed out.

Any thoughts?



With W2K8R2 MPIO is a feature that needs to be installed.  Check if this feature is installed.


hi stanleyj42

welcome to communities.

>If I open MPIO the iscsi multipathing option is greyed out.

Can you post a screenshot of the greyed out option. I can look and help you better.

(ignore if you knew before --- I would recommend using Netapp SnapDrive tool for creating / mapping luns from windows end.)

did some google around this and found http://blogs.technet.com/b/migreene/archive/2009/08/29/3277914.aspx

>Looks like you have to make at least one iscsi connection before you have the option to enable MPIO for iscsi.

hope this helps



I saw a similar article to the one you posted and once i finally did get my sessions to connect the option did become avaiable.  Thanks for the help.

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