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Is the 2552 capable of supporting 250 office VDIs?




I'd like to know if the 2552 can, in addition to normal CIFS fileshares and hosting about 50 server VMs, support around 250 user VDI VMs?

The VDI VMs (VMware Horizon 6) would be non-persistent and have just basic office software on them.


We would add a few dedicated SSDs so all VDI data can fit on there. So IOPS shouldn't be an issue.

We have 2x 10GB per Controller, which are not very much utilized.


So the only thing I'm concered is the system performance like CPU/RAM.


Any real-life experience with VDI in combination with the 2500 series + Ontap 8.3 + SSDs?


Many thanks!



We have a 2552 with 40 sas and 8 ssd in a flash pool serving that many VDI customers.


We have lots of overhead for other things as well.




Maybe SPM will help?




I guess yes, however I'm not a reseller so no access for me

(Unable to authorize request, only NetApp resellers are allowed access to SPM)


Why hide this from (potential) customers?

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