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Just retired my last 7 mode box


Today, we retired our last 7 mode box, fun trying to remember commands to 4a a 3240, un assign disks in maint mode. Has me wondering, who else still has 7 mode systems running ? in production ?


Am I late to the part, on time, or early ?



Our exact customer base and market progression is a matter for SEC reporting, but I can say that the vast majority of systems reporting to ActiveIQ/Autosupport are not running 7-Mode ONTAP now. That said, some customers run our systems in production for many many years - there are systems from the early 2000s still reporting in, but only a handful.


still have 4  8.1 7- mode HA's that refuse to die.... (well management can't decide what they want to do with the data)

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


We have six 2220s in small offices still on 7-mode, 8.2.5P1. We are actively working on transitioning these offices in 2019.

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