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Maximum and Minimum limits on netapp storage


can someone give me a link where there are listing of all maximums and minimums of settings you have on a netapp storage system , like max aggr, max volumes, max snapshot, max disks in a raid, max lun etc.........

Also can you assist with the below queries:

how many luns can you have on a volume

whats the max size of a lun on a volume

how many volumes can u have on an aggregate

how many snapshot copies can you have on a volume and aggregate.

Any advise please



Most limits are listed in Storage Management Guide. The only minimum limits I am aware of are

- You need at least 2 disks to build an aggregate

- There is minimum root volume size which is model dependent

- Flexvol cannot be smaller than approximately 20MB


it all depends on the data ontap version and fas system you have. Please refer to the storage resilency document of FAS series you have.

thank you,

Ak G

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