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NetApp configuration backup to http web server


Hi Techies, We are planning to copy our NetApp cluster configuration backups to http we server. But, I am getting below error


405 method not allowed




Please, help me with this configuration.





405: Method not allowed. Never tried it via https, anyway if you just need those file, then there is a workaroudn via command-line.


Step 1:
::>set diag
::*>security login password -username diag
::*>security login unlock -username diag
::*>systemshell -node node
node-01% cd / [change to '/']
node-01% cd /mroot/etc/backups/config/
node-01% ll [You should see the backups here]
Copy it to the logs folder (Which you can access via GUI)
node-01% cp /mroot/etc/backups/config/whatever_is_the_backup.7z /mroot/etc/log/whatever_is_the_backup.7z


Step 2:
a) Point to Service Processor IP:https://cluster_mgmt_LIF/spi (Just as you do for downloading logs)
b) Clickon logs link
c) Simply download it locally and then put it on the web via your pc/server.




Hi @Ontapforrum 


Thanks for your prompt response. I'm not looking for a one time copy. I want to take the backup of these configurations to remote HTTP web server regularly.  Also, I am not using "HTTPS" as it is not supported.



Please Assuming you are on Ontap 9 Please see the method through which you can upload the configuration backups to the web server

Note: The web server to which you are uploading the configuration backup file must have PUT operations enabled for HTTP and POST operations enabled for HTTPS. For more information, see your web server's documentation.



hi @Ankitr1 


I know this article and this is a normal procedure to setup this configuration. I am facing issues with this. Please let me know if there is anything I need to look at?

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