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Hi Folks,

i wanted to know whether it was possible to use ossv as migration tool to migrate data from existing storage  lun   to netapp vseries lun. As far as i know it can be only used for migration of file shares.

Since OSSV is very simple tool for deployement  i would really appreciate if some one could guide me on the steps.


Moncy Varghese



Not really applicable I'm afraid -- OSSV is a backup tool and not meant for migration.

The easiest path is just to mount a NetApp LUN on the box in question and migrate just as if you're going between drive letters (there are more options than that....some more details about what you're trying to do overall would be good first though before I write a book).


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the reply .   My intent is to use method to  minimize the downtime , since most of other vendors have the formula to migrate third party arrays without actually copying data. i do know that mirroring is one of the solution but might not be feasible if you have stripped mirror in place.

The other options are data guard for oracle and other similar options  for sql as well .




If you are looking to replicate data from 3rd party storage to V-Series, without any downtime, then I would recommend Vicom (this is the "old" ReplicatorX or SnapMirror for open systems, SMOS).

We have just done a Vicom replication from HP EVA with 30TB of Oracle data (mix of linux and windows host) to a V-series with EVA, with no downtime, only restarts.



OSSV backs up a source lun (local disk, lun, directory path, etc.) to the NetApp controller in file format (NAS format on the target) so that won't work.   Why not use snapmirror or vol copy to migrate the host lun?  You would want downtime for the cutover and final mirror update but it would be the brute force approach I'd use..

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