ONTAP Hardware

Offline failed aggregate without panic?


Anyone know if it's possible to take a failed aggregate offline (by removing the only surviving disk) without panicking the filer (FAS3020 - OnTap 7.3.6)? Technically, because it's failed, it's offline anyway, so I'm hoping we can remove the lone disk without causing a panic.  Thanks!



It is not clear what you are trying to do. Do you have multiple disk failures in one raid group so it is no more available?


Correct. Multiple disks have failed and it was for testing only so no data to be saved. I just want to get rid of the aggregate, but trying to avoid having to panic or take down the unit.


If multiple disks had failed, head should panic and aggregate should come as incomplete on the other head. In this state you can just offline and destroy it.


This is a DR site, so unit is not clustered.

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