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Question: A220 ASA


Hi Guys,


is it possible for testing purposes to switch a A220 to a ASA220? Or is in ASA220 different Hardware included?


Thanks for feedback



Hi Fabian,


Yes it should be possible to use the AFF A220 platform.  The ASA uses AFF as the hardware platform.  It uses both the A220 and A700 platforms.  You can reference TR-4515: ONTAP AFF All SAN Array Systems for additional information. 


Also here is a link to the main All SAN Array page.  It includes all the documentation links for ASA AFF and a hands-on lab if you would like to try it out.



Team NetApp




thank you for response, so that means there is no bootflag etc, because how does the AFF220 know that he is know a ASA with only SAN Services?


Hi Fabian,


There is a bootarg that would be set when you first configure the system to be an ASA configuration.  Similar to that of a system that is All Flash.


There is also an ONTAP command to check if the system is an ASA system. 


Command: san config show

Link: Ways to identify an ASA system 


With that being said, I am not sure if this requires a specific license from NetApp to be able to use the ASA feature.  I would recommend talking to a NetApp Account rep for additional information on the AFF ASA systems.



Team NetApp
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