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Redundant Controller Question


I'm trying to configure a FAS2040 with dual controllers that hold 4 network ports each.

I've enabled controller failover with the "cf enable" command.  And I've configured multi-mode/IP load balacing on the one controller.  My question is how do I configure the network interfaces on the 2nd controller to take over if the first controller fails?  Or will this all happen automatically and all I need to do is plug 4 network cables into the 2nd controller.  I don't see a second controller anywhere in the web gui and I'm digging through troves of documentation without much luck.




Ifconfig my-if partner partner-if


You can also do by "setup" command , While setting up the initial configuration it will ask for partner vif name for failover purpose ( refer below )

should interface vif01(primary virtual interface name) takeover a partner IP address during failover ? : yes

Please enter the partner virtual interface name to be taken over by vif01 (primary virtual interface name) :   (give the partner virtual interface name)

you need to change this values in both the controllers

There will be separate IP for second controller , you need to log in through that IP

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