ONTAP Hardware

Replacing entire raid group within an Aggregate?



I have an aggregate made up of 2 raid groups. One is 3TB disks, the other is 1TB disks. (Wasn't set up correctly)


I'd like to do "disk replace" on each of the 1TB disks with a 3TB spare.

Is this possible? Will I reclaim the wasted space on the 3TB disks after i've replaced every 1TB disk in the aggregate?



No, it is not possible. Replacement disks will be downsized. The only way to fix it is to create new aggregate and move data to it.


I don't think that will get you where you want to go, but that would be easy enough to confirm in the sim with 1GB and 3GB sim disks.  I would expect every disk replace to right size the new disk to fit the raid group, and at the end all you'll have is lots of 3tb drives right sized down to ~827GB.

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