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Required NFS? or iSCSI if enough for us?


We are purchasing a NetApp SAN to use in our vSphere. We want convert our current physical SQL and Exchange servers into virtual machines. We also want to take advantage of the SnapManager for SQL and Exchange when our SQL and Exchange servers are converted to virtual. We are getting mix messages in our attempt to find out if we need to buy NFS licensing or not. One sources says that it is a necessity for what we are trying to do. Another source is saying that it is not and that we can use iSCSI. Can someone tell me is we require NFS or is it a nice to have feature for what we want to accomplish? Thanks.



I assume you are either doing iscsi luns or fcp right?   Why would you need nfs, you aren't exporting nfs to vsphere are you?

You do need your snapmanager licenses for sure.

I can tell you i ran a large exchange environment with fcp licenses, no issues


ISCSI luns. I need snapmanager, but do I need NFS in order to SnapManager to work with a virtual Exhange or SQL server?

No, you don't need NFS. Keep in mind that you will need to map disks directly in the VM in order for SnapManagers to work


Unless i'm totally offbase and wrong, I don't see a need for nfs..

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