ONTAP Hardware

SP Errors and Attention LED Lit UP


i Have experience a few errors on my 2nd controller and now getting high fan rpms for all the 4FAN modules but there are no LED indicators on the FAN Modules and also the Attention LED is lit up


based on ASUP

Mon Jan 11 01:04:17 MYT [c4bnbssyn02:sp.firmware.version.unsupported:warning]: The SP firmware version  is not an official release.

The software driver for the Service Processor (SP) detected a problem: Unable to update SP network information at this time.

Mon Jan 11 01:04:17 MYT [c4bnbssyn02:sp.firmware.upgrade.reqd:warning]: The SP firmware  is incompatible with Data ONTAP for SNMP.


please share your feedback




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