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SP upgrade - unzip failed



We have to upgrade SP modules on V3210 HA system at customer. Since machine is in takeover mode I can't upgrade both SP modules over DOT, so I have to use 'sp update <link>' command from SP prompt. When I execute command I get error about unzip:

SP netapp2> sp update http://www.osap.si/tmp/308-02139_A0_1.3_SP_FW.tar.gz

Downloading package...

Uncompressing package...

FW package unzip failed.....FAILED

Cleaning up...

ERROR : SP FW Update Unsuccessful.

I tried to upload firmware package on FTP with few different clients (in case problem would be corrupted file) but it is the same. Also I tried to upgrade to lower versions of SP but I receive the same error... For files with *.zip extension it reports that file-type is not correct.

Probably there is problem because version of SP module is ancient (1.0.1) but that does not change the fact that I have to upgrade it

SP netapp2> sp status

Firmware Version:     1.0.1

Mgmt MAC Address:     00:A0:98:13:C0:2C

Do you have any idea how could I upgrade SP module over http? Thank you in advance!

Best regards,




Hello - Did you check the Upgrade Guides from the support site - they address Service Processor upgrades?  If that doesn't help, and if you're not getting an answer, try opening a support ticket. 


Hello -

Try this

[copy SP update file to NAS -> etc$ -> software ...rename to SP_FW.zip]

Run ---

software install SP_FW.zip

sp update


sp status

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