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Set the snapshot capacity to 0 GB, but why does the snap reserve used have capacity?


Hi, All


I am studying about FAS. I apologize for the frequent questions.

While checking the volume of the FAS equipment installed in the customer, I checked the following information through the df command.

df 정보.png
As you can see in the photo above, you can see 3427GB in the snap reserve used space at / vol / vol1.
However, when I checked the snapshot through the snap list -l command, I could see the message that it does not exist.
snap no exist.png
When I check the volume with the vol status -S command, it is as follows.
Here are my questions.
1. Why does the snap reserve space total 0GB, but does 3427GB come out as used?
2. Why is it that there is a used capacity, but there is no snapshot?
3. If i don't need it, how to clear that snap reserve?

Please answer..
If you need additional information, please reply. I'll upload it.


Thank you.

(Since i used a translator, the sentence may not be smooth.
Please tell me any sentences you don't understand.)



1. why do you use option -l with snap list command?


snap list -l [ vol_name ]
For each of the snapshots of a volume, this command displays the date the snapshot was taken along with the SnapLock retention date for the snapshot. 


I assume you don't have any snaplock here


2. Here are few links for you about the snap reserve





Try a snap list -n.

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