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Upgrade FAS 270 Ontap, not the default way ?


Hi All,

I'm trying to update an old FAS270 for some tests to 7.3.6 as I have figured out this must be the latest version for this device.

The docs lack here a little bit as it's unclear how to update this device:

netapp-01> software update

software: You can cancel this operation by hitting Ctrl-C in the next 6 seconds.

software: Depending on system load, it may take many minutes

software: to complete this operation. Until it finishes, you will

software: not be able to use the console.

software: copying to 736_sysfiles_m.tar

software: 100% file read from location.

software: /etc/software/736_sysfiles_m.tar has been copied.

software: installing software, this could take a few minutes...

ziperr: /etc/software/736_sysfiles_m.tar: Unable to locate end-of-central-directory record

software: Error unzipping /etc/software/736_sysfiles_m.tar.

software: installation of 736_sysfiles_m.tar was not successful.

netapp-01> Sat Apr 26 10:19:44 GMT [rc:info]: software: installation of 736_sysfiles_m.tar was not successful.

Is anyone able to give some advice on this ?

Thank you



OK, solved with some other worksarounds... the actual way you should do on a 270.


If anyone ends up running into this issue in the future...the solution is you need to install from the .exe image, not the .tar image.

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