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ONTAP Hardware

V-series 3270 unable to boot, partner in takeover mode


my vseries 3270 will not boot. getting errror

Thu Jul 12 00:34:13 GMT [fmmb.current.lock.disk:info]: Disk ?.? is a local HA mailbox disk.

Thu Jul 12 00:34:13 GMT [fmmb.current.lock.disk:info]: Disk SWFBAST03:26.126L3 is a local HA mailbox disk.

Thu Jul 12 00:34:13 GMT [fmmb.instStat.change:info]: missing lock disks, possibly stale mailbox instance on local side.

Use aggr options root in maintenance mode to specify the proper root volumeWaiting to be taken over.  REBOOT in 22 seconds.

the partner has taken over this node.

in downed system, boot to maintenance mode and tried to online root aggr, i get error.

Thu Jul 12 00:40:27 GMT []: No sparecore disk was found for host 0.

Thu Jul 12 00:40:27 GMT [raid.assim.rg.missingChild:error]: Aggregate aggr_root, rgobj_verify: RAID object 0 has only 3 valid children, expected 4.

Thu Jul 12 00:40:27 GMT [raid.assim.plex.missingChild:error]: Aggregate aggr_root, plexobj_verify: Plex 0 only has 0 working RAID groups (1 total) and is being taken offline

Thu Jul 12 00:40:27 GMT [raid.assim.mirror.noChild:ALERT]: Aggregate aggr_root, mirrorobj_verify: No operable plexes found.

Thu Jul 12 00:40:27 GMT [raid.config.filesystem.lun.resized:error]: File system Disk SWFBAST04:26.126L0 Shelf - Bay - [3PARdata VV               0000] S/N [01203926] resized.

Thu Jul 12 00:40:27 GMT [callhome.fs.lun.resized:CRITICAL]: Call home for FILESYSTEM LUN RESIZED

Thu Jul 12 00:40:27 GMT [monitor.spareDiskFail:CRITICAL]: Periodic check of hot spare disk has failed. Please check spare disk SWFBAST03:26.126L41.

           Aggr State           Status            Options

      aggr_root failed          raid0, aggr       diskroot, lost_write_protect=off


    aggr_db_dev online          raid0, aggr       raidsize=16


       aggr1_64 online          raid0, aggr


No root aggregate or root traditional volume found.

You must specify a root aggregate or traditional volume with

"aggr options <name> root" before rebooting the system.

anyone got an idea how to get my system back online?




You have failed root aggregate. You should open support case immediately so the cause can be investigated. Apparently one of LUNs is missing.


This is the right answer. 

You're missing an array LUN.  Check the array, and see if a RAID group has failed.  But after you've called 1-888-4-NETAPP and opened a case.


Daniel Isaacs
Technical Marketing Engineer


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