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What if Disk 0 of aggregate 0 fails?


I am an IT soulutions architect providing storage solutions to customers. One my my client where my company deployed netapp storage had encountered an issue i.e. their disk0 of aggregate 0 becomes which resulted in complete failure of the storage system. Is there any remedy to this issue?



disk 0 of aggregate 0 becomes faulty then whole storage system fails. is there any solution to this??


If you have let Data OnTap configure your initial aggregate (AGGR0), it will most likely have only 3 disks  in it.  Should any of the disks fail the system will pick up a spare and begin to rebuild the data on it.  The assumption is that you have allowed this aggregate to be created as RAID-DP, in this case you actually have 2 parity drives and can sustain a double disk failure on the system.

To verify what you are looking at, from a command line run "sysconfig -r".  This will list all of the RAID groups for you.  I have done that on a system and the output of the system is:

Aggregate aggr0 (online, raid_dp) (block checksums)
  Plex /aggr0/plex0 (online, normal, active)
    RAID group /aggr0/plex0/rg0 (normal)

      RAID Disk Device  HA  SHELF BAY CHAN Pool Type  RPM  Used (MB/blks)    Phys (MB/blks)
      --------- ------  ------------- ---- ---- ---- ----- --------------    --------------
      dparity   0c.19   0c    1   3   FC:B   -  FCAL 10000 272000/557056000  280104/573653840
      parity    0b.32   0b    2   0   FC:A   -  FCAL 10000 272000/557056000  280104/573653840
      data      0c.22   0c    1   6   FC:B   -  FCAL 10000 272000/557056000  280104/573653840

I hope that this answers your question.

TC Labby

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