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error when trying to assign disk


Hey i've got a FAS270 running NetApp 7.2.4.  It's got 7 total disks 6 of which are currently up and running in a raid4 setup.  I am trying to add the 7th disk to the pool so i can then add it to the aggregate and increase my volume size.  However when I try to add the disk i am getting this error...

> disk assign 0b.23 -p 0
disk assign: Assign failed for one or more disks in the disk list.
> Wed Dec  8 18:04:36 GMT [sfu.firmwareUpToDate:info]: Firmware is up-to-d
ate on all disk shelves.

I know the disk is recognized because of this..

> storage show disk
DISK                  SHELF BAY SERIAL           VENDOR   MODEL      REV
--------------------- --------- ---------------- -------- ---------- ----
0b.17                   1    1  DH07P76035C5     NETAPP   X276_FAL9E NA05
0b.18                   1    2  DH07P76035AM     NETAPP   X276_FAL9E NA05
0b.19                   1    3  DH07P760357G     NETAPP   X276_FAL9E NA05
0b.20                   1    4  DH07P76035BG     NETAPP   X276_FAL9E NA05
0b.21                   1    5  DH07P7603593     NETAPP   X276_FAL9E NA05
0b.22                   1    6  DH07P7603586     NETAPP   X276_FAL9E NA05
0b.23                   1    7  DH07P760356U     NETAPP   X276_FAL9E NA05

Any ideas on why I can't add the disk?



Maybe check if the disk has correct owner. Can you do a "storage show disk 0b.23"? 




I tried that and it says the disk does not exist.  Is there something wrong with the physical drive?  Its plugged in with a solid green LED.


I think you need first assign the disk to the controller, by using "-o <ownername>" or "-s <sysid>" switches.   -Wei


Check the disk ownership by running:

disk show -v

If it has a different owner you will need to reassign the ownership

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