ONTAP Hardware

filer don't start up or boot


I have two filer they are FAS3020 and the other day we had a power outage and they went down hard.  when we can in the next day to bring them back online, one came up fine and the other on would power on, run threw the memory check and them give a error message "loading: drive status: 51 error 40".  I tried to enter some commands from that point and the only thing i get is "command status -1 or -6.  Have anyone every seen this before and if so how can i get it going?



This looks to be an issue with the CF card. You could try reseating the CF card or swapping the CF card from the other head (if they share the same Ontap versions)


Yet another possibility is netboot.


currently have same issue on a FAS3050.. and netboot not working.

stuck on its 1st output.. 

Loading: 0x200000/44423284

any ideas guys?


If netboot and/or boot_diags fails possibly the mainboard, cpu, ram or nvram card has died. You either still have a valid netapp support contract or you need to get new/refurbished parts from a 3rd party broker.

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