ONTAP Hardware

iscsi license


is the iscsi license free included with ontap or i need to buy that? what about nfs?



In general – for older models (before 3200/6200) iSCSI license was zero cost but still had to be explicitly ordered. NFS was extra charged. For current models you can select one free protocol license as part of fundamentals package, which means either iSCSI or NFS.

There were (and are) also various bundles which include several licenses.


i got 3210 model. where can i get the free iscsi or nfs license from?


System comes from factory preinstalled with all licenses ordered for this system so you can see them using “license” command (or in FilerView/System Manager – do not ask me where ☺ )

Or go to http://now.netapp.com/eservice/agree.do?moduleName=PROTOCOL to see all licenses registered (a.k.a. – ordered) for your FAS based on serial number.


it says iscsi not licensed. nfs not licensed. fcp is licensed


Then you got fcp for free. The choice is not between NFS or iSCSI, but between the SAN/NAS protocols (FCP/iSCSI/NFS/CIFS).

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