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max-write-alloc-blocks and when to use it?


Hi All,


I'm starting with a bit of a greenfield CDOT system, and have been reading up on some performance tweaks to put in ahead of time prior to this going production... things like zero-block dedupe, scheduling reallocates, etc



The one thing I need help with is I see a few documents telling me to change max-write-alloc-blocks to 256.



Is this a no-brainer change? or are there certain scenarios this could be a hindrance? 


This is going to be a dominantly MS-SQL cluster over iSCSI.







I haven't seen a SQL recommendation to modify the default.  There are some SAP docs recommending setting to 256 and Exchange to 512 for jetstress.  Do you have a support case open?  I wouldn't modify without a support recommendation since modifying is not listed in best practice documentation for SQL.

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