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mounting a volume - permission denied


Hi everyone

i have issue with mounting of a volume names as bkp01 and error received at database server is "permission denied"

i have Netapp 8.1 7 mode and i have created a volume as follows

vol create bkp01 aggr01 9975g
qtree create /vol/bkp01/qtree_01
snap reserve bkp01 0
snap sched bkp01 0
vol options bkp01 nvfail on
vol options bkp01 minra on

the entry at etc/exports is 

/vol/bkp01/qtree_01   -sec=sys,rw=x.x.x.x,nosuid

and in etc/messages i recive fol 

Client (xid 123456789) is trying to access an unexported mount (fileid 123 on volume 0x12345678 [No volume name available])

client (xid 123456789) in mount gets a bad FH trying to access /vol/bkp01/qtree_01


Did you actually export it? Editing /etc/export does not magically do it. Run "exportfs -a" to apply changes.


hi there 

i am using this voloume for mirroring as destination


I'd turn it off. Even if it's a DR system, you will suffer a read performance penalty.


Also, side note, but why is minra on? That disables readahead and hurts performance.

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