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Hi does anyone knows better way to delete a folder inside a share fro example. a is share and it has x,y,z folder. i want to delete a folder y from a more
FYI, the release notes link for SnapCenter 5 is broken. If you go to the URL below and click the link, it goes to a generic documentation page. The Re more
We upgraded the Powershell Toolkit from version 4.1.0 to version 9.14.1. Prior to the upgrade,  in Snapmirror Resync scripts,we used the $Snapmirror.M more
Hi, Does someone have a basic process/procedure to go through where a client from a Window/Linux machine cannot contact the nfs/CFS shares due to a pr more
hi Communty, i  am starting to work in netapp, that meas  i dont have at the moment much knowledge on it, but right  now i neet to fix a Vulneravility more
My customer has a server running RH 7.      I presented a 100 TB to this server.  The server has only wrote data to 30 TB of this 100 TB.   My custome more
FAS26509.7 P22We have had this unit for almost 7 years. Today one of the two spares failed. There are two aggregates in this unit.Raid-tec (1st aggreg more
Trying to move over scripts from using module version 9.10 --> 9.14. Running the command Set-NcNetPortBroadcastDomain -Controller $primaryCluster -Nam more
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