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ONTAP Supports Converting LUN to Namespace and Namespace to LUN. And this conversion can be done w/o any data loss. So for a use where someone wanted more
Simply put: Our load balancer certificate is expiring today. It won`t affect our FabricPool connection, because it has not been setup to verify a cert more
Hi all,   I give up, I'll never be a Windows guy.   Please enlighten me: With no SnapDrive on board, how is it possible to identify the name of an iSC more
Get-NCSnapMirror (Netapp.ONTAP doesn't correctly return the status of SnapMirrors from an Ontap 9.11.1P11 appliance. The returned status more
I am currently setting up SnapMirror for hundreds of volumes for a CIFS SVM residing in a Metrocluster site. I create destination volumes with the sam more
HiWe are currently testing the use of MAV which is supported in Ontap 9.11.1x.As I see it, it is only possible to create local users as approvers, doe more
Hi EveryoneI have a Customer who wants to use multiple WAN links between two sites, to do mirroring from one Cluster to Another. The peering and snapm more
Hello, A customer of mine is seeing some weird things on their cluster, though I have seen this before and haven't really thought much about it.  When more
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