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Welcome to the SnapManager to SnapCenter Transition Community!  We have created this community so that you can ask your questions for the SnapManager ...read more
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Hello We are migrating from SAN DELL Force 25S switches to Cisco Nexus 31108TC-V,. Network engineer configured ports on Nexus and I did a test.  I fig ...read more
I'm aware of the following post which outlines many user's woes with the OnTAP 9.8 GUI (including my own). Now that many of us are on 9.9.1, I'm start ...read more
Hi, When we have a stack with both IOM6 and IOM12 (maintaining one speed transition, as supported), does the paths to both beginning and end of the st ...read more
Hi, We are upgrading controller hardware by moving storage. Original nodes are FAS2620 with internal SATA drives and new nodes are FAS2720 w/o drives. ...read more
hello I am wondering, Is there a way to find top DataRead/DataWrite files (not volumes) on ontap ?I checked Ontap Analytics API but I cannot  find wha ...read more
Dear,We have 1 Eseries E2812  with 18 Disk of 4TB and 1 DDP  we must replace disk of 4 TB by disk of 12TB.we have 12 Disk disks on 4TB on shelf ID99 a ...read more
hiI have ifgrp a0a bonding e4a & e4b in each of my A800 nodes. distr-func is set to "ip".port utilization is not in balance, as shown below:Clients (o ...read more
Vserver API missing vserver parameter. (errno=13006))