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Welcome to the SnapManager to SnapCenter Transition Community!  We have created this community so that you can ask your questions for the SnapManager ...read more
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I am be assign to make a poc for a customerI use FAS 2750 All flashthe protocol is iSCSII use all the space to create a aggr and a volume and a LUNbec ...read more
Hi Everyone..   Actually we have FAS2240 with Data Ontap 8.1.4P1 7-Mode and Filer-A had failed. So we have replaced with New one. But unfortunately fo ...read more
Hi everyone, We've just initialized a dual controller FAS2620 running OS 9.4P3. After initializing, the storage shows 2 aggr. #storage aggr showAggreg ...read more
Hello .My  E2824 firmware verion is 11.73. I need to revert it to 11.60.3.When i tried to firmwware downgrade on smcli using bellow command downlod st ...read more
Hi, I have some large CIFS shares where the NTFS permissions have been established via Windows Explorer. There are currently no Security descriptors/D ...read more
looks we have three restore options from SnapCenter SQL plug in snapshot, restore, clone and migrate. Does anyone have more details about the differen ...read more
Hi,First i got HA Group Notification (HA GROUP ERROR: DISK/SHELF COUNT MISMATCH) ERRORThen i got HA Group Notification (WAFL INCONSISTENT USER DATA BL ...read more
Hi, I'm looking into FabricPool for a supported FAS platform. The intention is to use the maximum cooling threshold of 183 days. Before I go down the ...read more