SolidFire and HCI

Cluster create von Element vsim falils


Hi everybody,

I´m using the Element OS demo sim. After converting the ova file to vmx with ovatool I was able to deploy the element sim to my ESX 6.7.  The element sim is running. If I try to create a cluster I get the Error that the clustername field is empty. (See picture)  On the Console I cant set the name while I always get error "Update failed"  see picture error2

I am new using solidfire(sim) 





sorry this error picture is the right one.


As the screenshot says, you need to decide which cluster the node should be able to join, in order to create it.


It's a common mistake even with physical clusters. But this name can't be decided for you because a new node (not this one, but Element nodes in general) may be deployed to an environment where multiple clusters are found on the same management network)


Go to https://node-management-ip:442/config/#/cluster


There enter your desired cluster name, and then Save. After that you can create cluster at https://node-management-ip/createcluster


(By the way Element Demo VM is not really a simulator, although it's commonly referred to because ONTAP has a simulator VM... It's a Demo VM that can create a single-node cluster with almost all Element features as production clusters)



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