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Advancing Secure Gen AI and RAG: How NetApp with NVIDIA NeMo Retriever Unlocks Private Business Data


The release of ChatGPT in late 2022 opened the world’s eyes to the potential of generative AI. Large language models (LLMs) and chatbots can help your organization turbocharge productivity and unlock innovation. A few months ago, I highlighted the potential of a technique called retrieval augmented generation, also known as RAG. RAG enables your enterprise to augment pretrained LLMs with your company’s private data to generate results that incorporate proprietary information from within your organization. For example, a chatbot that has access to your internal HR documents can help your employees with HR-related inquiries. And you can use an LLM that has access to your proprietary code to generate documentation. And so on.


Data security and governance


Unfortunately, enterprises have struggled to take advantage of RAG due to very real concerns about data privacy and data governance. How does your enterprise prevent any leakage of sensitive information? How can your organization expose data to LLMs while maintaining data access controls and permissions across the data pipeline? NetApp has worked with NVIDIA on a new solution that helps mitigate these concerns.


NetApp unlocks exabytes of data for secure, private generative AI


We have paired intelligent data infrastructure from NetApp with NVIDIA NeMo Retriever to create an end-to-end solution for RAG in the enterprise. NVIDIA NeMo Retriever, part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform for developing and deploying generative AI applications, is an information retrieval service that can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. It provides a secure and simplified path for enterprises to integrate RAG capabilities into their customized production AI applications. We have paired NetApp with NVIDIA NeMo Retriever to unlock exabytes of existing data for secure, private generative AI. You can now use generative AI to derive value from all of your existing NetApp-stored data. Additionally, the entire application stack, including the built-in vector database, is backed by NetApp’s enterprise-grade data protection and governance capabilities. Generative AI with RAG is finally ready for the enterprise.


Watch the following video to see this solution in action.



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