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Azure NetApp Files: Expanding Horizons to Spain Central


As part of the Azure NetApp Files global expansion, we are thrilled to announce Azure NetApp Files will soon be available in the Spain Central data center in calendar Q3 2024.*  This expansion will bring local service to enterprises in Spain for the first time and adds to the increasing list of supported Azure NetApp Files regions.  Azure NetApp Files is renowned for its enterprise-class, high-performance file storage service, seamlessly integrated into the Azure platform.


Azure NetApp Files: A Glimpse into the Future

Azure NetApp Files offers a robust, 1st-party native Azure service that delivers high-performance Volumes as a service. With the ability to create NetApp accounts, capacity pools, and volumes, users can manage data protection and select service levels tailored to their performance needs. This service is ideal for enterprises with business-critical applications that rely on protocols familiar with their on-premises operations.


A Partnership that Delivers

Our collaboration with Microsoft enables us to provide leading intelligent data infrastructure and cloud storage and data services. This partnership accelerates the migration of enterprise applications to Azure with Azure NetApp Files and connects businesses to Azure's AI/ML services, offering a unique competitive edge in the industry.


Empowering AI Workloads

Enterprises managing AI workloads will find Azure NetApp Files particularly beneficial. The service caters to the varied demands of enterprise applications and AI, delivering efficient, high-performance capacity for tasks like data aggregation, model training, and inferencing. It's especially adept at handling generative AI and large language models, providing the agility needed to keep pace with the rapidly evolving generative AI landscape. Future and deeper integration into Azure's AI ecosystem is on the horizon.


Maximizing Sustainability at Every Cloud Journey Stage

With Azure powered by Azure NetApp Files, customers can amplify benefits at each cloud journey stage. From migrating to the cloud to optimize energy, carbon, and infrastructure costs, to achieving operational excellence and sustainability in the cloud, and finally, reinvesting savings into new initiatives that drive enduring business value.

Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter with Azure NetApp Files in Spain Central and stay tuned for more updates as we approach the launch of Azure NetApp Files in Spain Central.


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* Please note that the date is subject to change.