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Kubernetes Workload Health


Cloud Insights brings operational simplicity to platform engineering teams managing Kubernetes, so we're excited to introduce our latest addition to Cloud Insights, the Workload Health Page. This gives an at-a-glance view of your entire platform, including health, risks, and potential issues, and makes operating and troubleshooting your Kubernetes environment simpler and faster than ever before. Where problems are identified, you can zoom into every deployment and configuration change, helping you pinpoint issues and implement best practices promptly. 


Our goal with the Workload Health Page is to empower you in managing your Kubernetes environments. It allows for swift identification of issues and immediate application of best practices and enhances the performance of your Kubernetes operations overall.  


By integrating this tool into your workflow, you gain full visibility and control over your Kubernetes operations and underlying computing and storage, eliminating blind spots, which results in increased system productivity and reduced downtime. 


The Workload Health Page provides a simplified landing zone for Kubernetes platform administrators to make the most of Cloud Insights’ existing capabilities, such as tracking every deployment and configuration change and correlating them with incidents and alerts to quickly resolve problems. Plus, the platform provides advanced log ingest capabilities to help you understand what’s going on in your environment, in turn alerting you when there are issues that need your attention. Cloud Insights by NetApp delivers valuable insights, turning raw data into actionable intelligence for efficient troubleshooting. 


This builds on top of Cloud Insights Workload Map launched earlier this year, which helps identify and tackle issues efficiently by mapping workload dependencies. This performs automated mapping and analysis of traffic sources, data flows, and potential performance limitations in a single, easy-to-understand view. This comprehensive overview allows for a more streamlined management and troubleshooting process, making Cloud Insights stand out as more than just monitoring and metrics for Kubernetes. 






We encourage you to explore the benefits of our Workload Health Page today.  




Experience a seamless Kubernetes management process and enhance your troubleshooting efforts with this advanced tool. Dive into the world of streamlined Kubernetes operations with Cloud Insights by NetApp.  


The future of Kubernetes management and troubleshooting is here, and it is more efficient, simpler, and faster. 


Visit the Cloud Insights page to find out more about Cloud Insights for Kubernetes manageability, infrastructure observability or insider threat detection. If you want to get hands on, it’s easy to get started in your own environment with a free trial.