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StorageGRID 11.6 S3 Object Lock validated for Veritas NetBackup


NetApp® StorageGRID® 11.6 S3 Object Lock functionality has now been validated for Veritas NetBackup 10.1.1 and later versions.


Object storage protection

With S3 Object Lock protection, you can create write once, read many (WORM) buckets that allow object uploads but that restrict overwrites, edits, and deletes. For your organization’s data security and regulatory concerns, S3 Object Lock confirms that objects are immutably retained for a set period or indefinitely, according to policies that you set.


Complete control and massive scalability with StorageGRID

NetApp StorageGRID is an enterprise-grade, on-premises object storage solution that supports the native Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) API. StorageGRID is massively scalable, supporting low-touch, nondisruptive expansions, and can store billions of objects. In a single namespace, StorageGRID can scale up to 16 data centers worldwide. StorageGRID information lifecycle management (ILM) policies give you complete and granular control over how long your data is retained, where your data sits, when it is tiered to lower-cost object storage, and more.


NetBackup + S3 Object Lock for extra secure backup

The NetBackup enterprise backup and recovery solution automatically backs up data from VMware, Oracle, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, and others. NetBackup can store backup data and snapshots on StorageGRID. Now, as a StorageGRID and NetBackup customer, you can rely on S3 Object Lock for an extra layer of security.


Other S3 Object Lock validations

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