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Failover Group Join Error

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Can anyone help me identify what the issue is here and profer the solution? Thanks.



Cluster_node::> net interface failover-groups add-targets -vserver Cluste_node -failover-group -targets Node3:a0a-3170
  (network interface failover-groups add-targets)

Error: command failed: Failover group "" cannot be modified because it is automatically generated by broadcast domain "".



Cluster_node::> net int failover-groups show
  (network interface failover-groups show)
Vserver          Group            Targets
---------------- ---------------- --------------------------------------------
                                  Node4:e0c, Node4:e0e, Node3:e0c, Node3:e0e,
                                  Node1:e1a, Node1:e2a, tito:e1a,
                                  Node4:a0a-211, Node3:a0a-211,
                                  Node1:a0a-211, Node1:a0a-3170,
                                  tito:a0a-211, tito:a0a-3170
                                  Node1:a0a-1187, tito:a0a-1187

Re: Failover Group Join Error

I have reolved the problem.

Re: Failover Group Join Error

Great to know - for anyone else who comes across this - failover-groups were very important in 8.1/8.2, but 8.3 introduces broadcast domains that essentially do the same thing, so your aim would be to add the port to the broadcast domain instead.