QSM Error: Replication Source Found an Invalid LUN Clone

Hi guys,

I'm having a bit of an issue and need some help. I have QSM setup between a DC & DR filer (both FAS2040 ONTAP 7.3.4). I'm replicating SQL and Exchange LUNS. Both Exchange and SQL have respective SnapManagers and Snapdrive configured to do local backups. Every few days, my QSM fails to update with an error stating that Snapmirror failed because "Replication Source Found an Invalid LUN Clone" (error on the source side). I assume the SnapManagers create flexclones during the verification stage of the backups, but I thought flexclones don't affect VSM/QSM sessions? I usually check for any clones that may have been left by snapdrive, but find none. And when I try to do a manual update it just fails with this error. The only fix seems to be to quiesce the relationships and resume them. This seems to clear the issue.

Any ideas why this is happening? Pointers on how to resolve it?


Re: QSM Error: Replication Source Found an Invalid LUN Clone

Hi Guys,

Still having this problem many months on. Made a little headway though, perhaps someone here will be able to help me sort this out.

I looked up the EMS identifier for the error that I'm getting on the NetApp Syslog Translator and got this:

In summary, it says:

"This message occurs when Data ONTAP(R) finds a LUN clone without a backing Snapshot(tm) copy on the replication source during a Qtree SnapMirror(R) transfer or a SnapVault(R) transfer."

The fix is apparently to do a "snapmirror abort -h" then "snapmirror update". Not a very ideal solution, as it's not permanent. But what the error indicates is that it appears snapdrive creates lun clones, and then fails to delete, but somehow manages to delete the snapshot copy that backs it. Don't know how that would be possible. Has anyone had a similar issue with SnapDrive? How can I ensure SnapDrive cleans up its lun clones properly?