SnapProtect and 5 minute backups

I have a Customer who wants to use SnapProtect to backup a VMware estate (using NFS) to do the following:

5 minute backups that don't need to be application consistent but snapmirrored

60 minute backups that don't need to be application consistent

Daily backups that do need to be Application Consistent

I cannot think of a way of doing this with a single backup job, but would it be possible to do the following:

Define a job to do the 5 minute and hourly backups to just snap the storage and snapmirror?

Define a job to do the dailies using full Application consistency, cataloguing etc?

I could also set up snapmirror schedules in snapmirror.conf but I would think that SnapProtect would overwrite them?

Re: SnapProtect and 5 minute backups

if you do not need SnapProtect to index those replications every 5 minutes and every hour - & I would expect you to NOT need those - then I don't see why you could not have SnapMirror replicating 'under the covers' but SnapProtect managing the application consistent snapshots each day.   I believe that would be perfect for your use case!

I think of SnapProtect as the (or at least, "a" !) managing layer above the native replication goodness: you chose where it is appropriate to use it, but you have options where to *not* use it !!



Re: SnapProtect and 5 minute backups

Whilst I could do that the solution is further complicated by the requirement for a single pane of glass and snapvault integration and if possible monthlies going to non NetApp storage called Whitewater.

So my thoughts are:

SnapProtect NAS client to do the 5 minute and hourlies with SnapMirror and no cataloguing

SnapProtect VSA to run daily for Application consistent backups and SnapVaults

Two further questions from this:

1) Does SnapProtect support pre and post freeze scripts to be used on the dailies as some apps currently don't support VSS

2) Can NDMP be used to copy off monthly to a Whitewater device? Currently they want to use Veeam to do this which may open another can of worms?