Ontapdsm - SRB Status Command timeout

I'm getting LUN timeouts on multiple systems/clusters and even multiple FAS HA Pairs, there's no time pattern to this and I'm not sure where to start looking to resolve the issue.



- FAS6240 HA Pair


- NetApp Release 8.2.4 7-Mode


- Data ONTAP DSM Management version : v4.1.4348.1209 (4.1P1)


- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (MS Cluster)


- SQL Server the main application used on this Microsoft Cluster.


The error I am getting in Windows System Log is:

Source: Ontapdsm

Event ID: 61125

IO error: SRB Status Command timeout reported on LUN *** on Path Id *********. The IO will be retried.


this is repeated on different LUNs on the server(s) and also other clusters which are on other FAS6240 HA Pairs.


I've seen this issue queried on a post from 4 yrs ago with the title "ontapdsm mpio problem" but there's no resolution on the post.


Appreciate any advice!

Re: Ontapdsm - SRB Status Command timeout

Do you have solution? 


we have ontap 9, AFF and MS hyperV, and one host from 28 has this error.