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Can't add a cluster

I just installed OCUM 6.1 and I am trying to add some clusters.  I added the first one without a problem, but when I tried to install the second one it complained that the self signed certificate had expired.  Sure enough I logged on to the cluster and the certificate was expired.  I used the following command to create a new certificate:

security certificate create -vserver add-n1-nas2 -common-name add-n1-nas2.cert -expire-days 365 -type server

Unfortunately I still received the error that the certificate was expired.  I figured it was still using the older certificate so I deleted the old one.  Apparently that was a mistake, because now OCUM is simply stating "Cannot establish communication to the host <IP> over SSL".  I tried disabling and enabling the "portal" and "ontapi" web services, (hoping that would restart the web server) all to no avail.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on?  And/or what to look at to figure this out?



Re: Can't add a cluster

Hi Keith Cantrell,

Welcome to communities.

Clustered dataontap ssl certificate regeneration procedure is KB'ed here.

Please follow exact steps mentioned here.

Do let us know if the above KB isn't helping


Re: Can't add a cluster

Yes, thank you!  Following the idea of the KB resolved the issue.  I said "Following the idea" because I assume those instructions were written for 8.1 because they are slightly different for 8.2.  Regardless, it pointed out that I had to enable the "ssl service" after I removed the certificate.


Re: Can't add a cluster

Am glad that you are able to add cluster to ocum 6.1 now.

i will ask the kb team to update the kb article for 8.2 as well.

Thank you for the feedback.