OCI 7.2.6 and Data Source Service Pack 6 shipped today...

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OCI 7.2.6 was released today. I'd recommend if you are on OCI 7.2.2 or earlier, that you upgrade to it as it is a GA-quality and reliable level release.


7.2.6 release notes:


7.2.6 ships with Data Source Service Pack 6 built in.


If you are on an earlier OCI 7.2.x release, you should install Data Source Service Pack 6 to bring your data collection code up to date.


Highlights of SP6:


EMC Isilon 8.0.x firmware support


EMC Unity inventory and performance support - use the EMC VNXe datasource against any Unity arrays, just take care to ensure you have a Unity-appropriate uemcli.exe (aka Unispjere CLI) installed for this CLI based datasource


EMC VNXe FC/FCoE support


EMC VNXe generation 2 (models 1600, 3200) performance support - just install SP6, and edit your VNXe datasources to enable performance collection


IBM A9000 all flash support - deploy XIV datasources against A9000 arrays, having taken care to ensure you have A9000 appropriate versions of xcli.exe installed


SolidFire latency support - the forthcoming NetApp SolidFire 10.x Element OS releases will have cumulative latency counters that OCI will use to be able to report volume response time.


cDOT LDAP netgroup support - There is a new checkbox in the OCI cDOT datasource that will tell OCI to ask the cDOT array to perform lookups of LDAP based netgroups to understand what the members of them are. This feature is to broaden OCI's ability to report on NFS exports. Prior to cDOT having this feature support, there has not been API approaches OCI could use to understand who are the members of these off-array groups.



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Re: OCI 7.2.6 and Data Source Service Pack 6 shipped today...

Currently running OCI 7.2.3 SP4. Should we upgrade to 7.2.6?

Re: OCI 7.2.6 and Data Source Service Pack 6 shipped today...

I would certainly recommend installing Data Source Service Pack 6, to keep your data source code up to date.


We have moved to having cumulative release notes, so the release notes for 7.2.6 should help you understand what the delta is from 7.2.3 to 7.2.6.


I believe you need to have a account to hit this link:



7.2.3 is a pretty stable release, and there probably isn't a strong argument to upgrade to 7.2.6. The only real, non data source enhancements I can think of from 7.2.3 to 7.2.6 have been some work in the OCI Data Warehouse to help stability for some very large customers - some health monitoring functionality.


I would strongly encourage anyone on OCI 7.2.2 or earlier to upgrade to 7.2.6 or 7.3.0.