VMware VVols on NetApp cDOT beta CookBook

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To help people testing VMware VM Volumes (VVols) with the vSphere 6 beta on NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, we've compiled a cookbook including some tips on vCenter and ESXi setup all the way through setting up a NetApp cluster or Vsim and the SVMs.  Note that the improved Vsim referred to in the cookbook is not yet published, due to patching the BASH/ShellShock vulnerability and internal code scans. We’ll update this post once that is available.


The cookbook itself is subject to change, and we will update it here as it happens.


Please remember that the VMware aspects are covered by VMware’s NDA that you agreed to when getting access to the vSphere Beta site and content.



Re: VMware VVols on NetApp cDOT beta CookBook

Updated version of the cookbook, inlcuding instuctions on using the newer Vsim on the VSC/VP download page.


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