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VSC 7.0: Where to copy the NFS-Plugin



i have upgraded to VSC 7.0. All went fine, storage is found and now i like to copy the NFS-Plugin to the VSC, so i can install it on the hosts from within the VSC. Unfortunately i can not find how and where to copy the Plugin anywhere in the documentation or in the VSC itself. Can someone help me please?




Re: VSC 7.0: Where to copy the NFS-Plugin

Hi Marc,

Follow the below given steps to install NFS VAAI plugin on hosts.


1. Upload or copy the NFS vib file to /opt/netapp/vscserver/etc/vsc/web/ by logging in as “diag” user and using the SCP protocol. This can be done using the WinScp.


2. Rename the VIB file you have downloaded to match the predefined name that VSC uses: NetAppNasPlugin.vib


3. Go to NFS VAAI Tools section of VSC UI menu. Click on “Install Host” link.


Do let me know if any further queries.

Re: VSC 7.0: Where to copy the NFS-Plugin

Thanks for your answer. One more question: Where can i find the password for the diag-user? In VSC 7.0 i only have "administrator" for the Web-GUI and "maint" for console so far.



Re: VSC 7.0: Where to copy the NFS-Plugin

Hi Marc,


You need to first enable the remote diag user access to VSC 7.0 appliance and while enabling it, you will be prompted to choose a password for "diag" user. 

Here are the steps to enable remote diag user:


1. Login to "maint" console.

2. Select the 2nd option "System Configuration"

3. Then select the 6th option "Enable SSH access"

4. Go back to the previous menu and select the 4th option "Support and Diagnostics".

5. Then select the 3rd option "Enable Remote Diagnostic Access". Say "yes" when prompted for "Do you want to enable remote diagnostic access?" .

6. Then you will see the prompt to choose "diag" user password. Once password is set successfully, remote diag user access is enabled.


Next, follow the steps I had provided earlier to install Nfs plugin.


Do let me know if you face any issues.

Re: VSC 7.0: Where to copy the NFS-Plugin

Thank you very much, problem solved Smiley Happy


WinSCP always closed the connection immediately, but i put the Plugin-File on a tiny webserver (HFS) and downloaded it with curl in a putty-session.


Regards, Marc