OCUM 7.1P1 Backup Failing

I have just provissioned a new instance of OCUM, but the backup job is failing with the following error:


"Trigger Condition - Daily database backup 'UM_7.1P1_backup_unix_04-05-2017-15-05.7z' creation failed. Reason: Copying a file or directory is failed due to a file system error."


The path for the backup is the defaule /data/ocum-backup/, the file system has 51G free, and jboss:jboss has full permissions to the directory.  Has anyone else run into this issue or know how to work around it?

Re: OCUM 7.1P1 Backup Failing



I had the same problem with 7.1, please check the ownership of the following file:




permission should be jboss:root.



Restart the processes if you changed it.