Simulator dies at the weekend

Yes I know it sounds melodramatic but it's the only way to describe this.


For the past couple of weeks I've been playing around with the ONTAP 9 simulator. I upgraded it to 9.1 using option 1 from the boot menu immediately after deploying the 9.0 OVA file.


I am running this on a VMWare ESXi 5.5 host with 1GbE network connectivity.


It works fine all week but when I come in on Monday it's died with at least one of the nodes showing [nodename:callhome.root.vol.recovery.reqd}EMERGENCY] Call home for ROOT VOLUME NOT WORKING PROPERLY: RECOVERY REQUIRED


At the top of the console is also reference that "the system was down for 346 seconds" suggesting it may have rebooted


This happens just after midmight on Sat night / Sun morning.


I can't access either host to get to log files (unless you guys know how to)


Any thoughts on whether this is an ONTAP issue or some external (VMWare?) triggered event?


I took VMWare snapshots on Friday so can recover but it's a PITA to have to do this every Monday!

Re: Simulator dies at the weekend

Hi Bob, 


Thank you for wrtitng to NetApp community, This is a known issue with ontap simulator and well not to blame weeknd here. To let you know the root volume created in the SIM is so tiny which is around 900MB in your case it might took a week before it got flooded with logs reaching 95%. May be you need to consider delete any existing snapshots on VOL0 and zero  all snapshot schedules 


Login to the console and run 



node run local

Disable VOL0 snapshot schedule 



snap sched vol0 0 0 0

Delete all snapshots on vol0


snap delete -a vol0

And zero snap reserve 


snap reserve vol0 0

Also disable the snapshots at aggregate level 


snap sched -A aggr0 0 0 0

Delete any snapshots at aggr level 


snap delete -a -A aggr0

Try to grow the vol0 using vol size command or incase if you don't have enough space on the aggregate consider adding any spare disk in to the root aggregate aggr0


After this you should not be running out of space on vol0 Smiley Happy







Re: Simulator dies at the weekend

Thanks, I'll give that a try!

Re: Simulator dies at the weekend

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Hi Bob, 



Did you got time to try clearing up some space on vol0 and booting up the simulator again ?





Re: Simulator dies at the weekend

Hi Nayab


Yes thanks I cleared up vol0's and modified snap schedules. Looks ok so far, I'll see how things are after the weekend as that was when it tended to fail before.






Re: Simulator dies at the weekend

Hey Bob, 



Thanks for the update, Do let us know if any issues further and we will be happy assist you Smiley Happy. Hope you having great time playing around with Ontap Simulator Smiley Happy


By the way do you know you can also create SSD's on the simulator ? If not please do follow the link below hope you like experimenting Smiley Happy



How to create SSD's On NetApp SIM