Managing NetApp filers using Puppet

Afternoon all,

I thought I'd drop by and post up my use of the NetApp OnTAP API for anyone who's interested...

So, in our environment, we've started using Puppet to automate as much of our Oracle/NetApp platform as we can. Storage was a NetApp NFS back-end, which initially we were managing by hand. However that quite quickly became cumbersome and impractical...

Enter Puppet Network Device support. This allows Puppet to manage devices that can't support the traditional agent-based model of Puppet; Instead, it allows Puppet to use SSH or API's to manage the device.

This triggered me to start searching for a suitable 'Module' that integrates Puppet with NetApp storage. However there wasn't one available...

So that left me with 3 options... Continue to manage manually, write some other method to handle our NetApp filers, or write a module to integrate Puppet with our NetApp filers.

Thankfully, I chose the 3rd option, and started writing a module to integrate Puppet with our NetApp filers.

The outcome of that is a Puppet NetApp network device module that allows you to manage most aspects of a NetApp filers configuration, from Users, Groups and Roles, through to Volumes, Qtrees, Exports, Quotas, and also SnapMirror relationships...

The list is also expanding, so if there is something that you think it would be really useful if it did this, then feel free to ask, or even better contribute

If you've got any further questions, feel free to reply to this discussion, drop me an email (fatmcgav[at]gmail[dot]com) or hit me up on Twitter (@fatmcgav).



Re: Managing NetApp filers using Puppet

Thank you Gavin for sharing this, really inspiring ! Brilliant.

Re: Managing NetApp filers using Puppet

This is awesome. I have long wondered about how one could achieve managing filers with Puppet, but I did not know about network device support. Thank you! I'll definitly keep an eye on this!

Re: Managing NetApp filers using Puppet

Sorry to revive a 2+ year old thread, but I wanted to share a newly released Puppet module that incorporates both clustered Data ONTAP, as well as other enhaned functionality for managing NetApp FAS devices.

Check it out here:


NetApp Data ONTAP device module

Re: Managing NetApp filers using Puppet

We've published a NetApp Technical Report on this topic.

Check it out here: