NetApp A-Team

The NetApp A-Team is a select group of our most passionate customers and partners who evangelize the benefits of NetApp solutions on social media platforms, in their blog posts, at industry events, and within their organizations. The members are part of a strong community of like-minded technologists who share an interest in becoming more knowledgeable and more vocal about NetApp and the IT industry. They employ the power of the NetApp portfolio to achieve data-driven results, and they inspire others to do the same.

NetApp A-Team

To learn more about the members of the A-Team, read their community profiles in the directory tab, follow them on Twitter, and hear from them from time-to-time on the Tech ONTAP Podcast.

NetApp A-Team

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NetApp XCP is probably your best bet: more
Do you mean, how do you transition  a 7mode FAS2552 to ONTAP (cluster mode)  and preserve an existing snaplock?   or transition the data to different more
FlexGroups are for unstructured data.   A database, by definition, is structured data. Could you? maybe? should you? Probably not.    If your Database more
Adding on to ONTAPFORRUM: Are you using Thin Provisioning on your volumes? Snapshots?
The 7MTT is for transitioning from 7-Mode to ONTAP. In the VAST majority of cases, the destination ONTAP is a net-new installation. As such, the upgra more
*ANY* ONTAP controller that can use 9.6Panything can also go to 9.7Panything. You can always uprade.   If you were to read through the DOCs for 7MTT, more
There is a way to allow the current 7MTT to work with ONTAP 9.7P2. There is a configuration file that needs to be updated.  9.6P7 is due to be release more
If all your drives are RD2 (Root-Data-Data) partitioned, then they all show as "shared".   Technically speaking one drive on either controller can be more
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