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The NetApp A-Team is a select group of our most passionate customers and partners who evangelize the benefits of NetApp solutions on social media platforms, in their blog posts, at industry events, and within their organizations. The members are part of a strong community of like-minded technologists who share an interest in becoming more knowledgeable and more vocal about NetApp and the IT industry. They employ the power of the NetApp portfolio to achieve data-driven results, and they inspire others to do the same.

NetApp A-Team

To learn more about the members of the A-Team, read their community profiles in the directory tab, follow them on Twitter, and hear from them from time-to-time on the Tech ONTAP Podcast.

NetApp A-Team

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I have seen some odd stuff with shelves before.  But what's support say?  Have they had to try to re-seat the IOM or do a take-over?    How's the firm more
I noticed it.   but aggr show showed several aggrs,  so I was happy at one point, which got me thinking it was split / couldn't talk to it's partner. more
Sounds good, also, see if the other node is a little more "happy".  from what I can tell so far, there is a cluster, but the nodes are not able to see more  this is the setup guide, good place to start. 
Double check your Cluster cabling and SAS cabling too. 
You would have to wipe/re-init the 7mode system and put clustered on it. 
Thinking through some other troubleshooting steps...  There is something for sure not right with the cluster/nodes.     Is the output the same if you more
Oh.  looks like Clustered though... Can you run these?     version  cluster show  network interface show
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