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Hi I would like to get the script CVMS  (Clean VMware Snapshots) written by Matt Robinson to be able to run it as a SMVI/VSC Post backup because IHAC more
Hello, It's seems that I do not have access to the below link: more
If you signed in to the community on Monday, May 4 and did not get a notification about the special #MayThe4th badge, please log out and log in again. more
Hi, I have never received an e-mail notification for any threads I am subscribed to including ones I authored. As per my previous questions here I hav more
I'm pleased to announce that the NetApp Community will be upgraded to a newer version of the editor used when posting new topics and replies.   What t more
I couldn't find an appropriate discussion board to list questions on the subject. I found most of similar discussion were nested under ONTAP and FAS w more
Hi Everyone! I'd like to take a few minutes to introduce myself to the NetApp Community. I'll also share some observations I've made since joining the more
I can't seem to receive any alerts / updates about my posts on the Communities. I have configured alert settings under my account. What am I doing wro more
Can you help me to get access to the saba learning centre for partners?
I want to try-out snapdiff API  via NMSDK but I don't find the API listed in ZAPI how can I get snapdiff API to get the difference between 2 snapshots more
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