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Hi All,   I got a requirement from customer to share create CIFS similar qtree configuration but i don't want keep the share on same volume as both ar more
when we communicate with array through ZAPI+ NMSDK  we use array credentials to login   if we have OCUM which has cluster added in it.. can we add OCU more
I'm trying to connect to the web interface of my new install of Netapp DAta Broker with SnapCenter 4.2 everything is pingnig well   but I have the mes more
    Hi everyone,   Got a question about Grafana dashboards from Netapp-Harvest;  After importing the json and selecting the datasource, I need to crea more
hello everyone,    i am trying to create an infinite volume but i can't find the option in the OnCommand system manager nor the command line, i have a more
Hi, this is my situation. We want some subnets can access cifs, some other subnets can't. So we enable export policy for our SVM. ==================== more
We have a Select appliance running on a single host in a 8 node ESXi cluster.  I need to remove two of the hosts from this cluster, permanently.  One more
I have been unable to find a way to refresh the network of an ESX hypervisor in On Tap Select Deploy host without completly removing the host. This of more
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