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Hi there,   I am an Engineer working for a company providing a KMIP-compliant KMS.We are a NetApp partner.   To test NVE and NSE I downloaded NetApp S more
We are very excited to launch this new and fully responsive community to all of our members!    Below are some of the new features that will help you more
We are not able to see snapshot for two shares on one volume. There are other shares as well on that volume and we are able to get snapshots in that v more
similar to bug 354919, i need to remove the stale record-owner for that snapshot.   the command for remove the record-owner report no error, but it do more
Hi ,   We are having the thin boot luns under the thin volume and volume is snapshot enabled, so in some scenario when the snapshot happenes on the vo more
Hi there,   After upgrade to VCenter 6.5 we were not able to see the WWN when trying to connect a LUN. After removing the VCenter credentials from Sna more
Hello there first off all  i am new on netapp so bare with me. Here is the situation i got a Fas 2020 with CIFS share, As of windows 10  the old smb v more
After upgrading to Release 9.3P6 we are experiencing that we are unavailable to see Share permissions from Computer management console. It gives an er more
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