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I inherited a bit of a mess and have been trying to get a network up to date from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2019. I got to the NetApp s more
Hello,I am new to the Ontap 9 solution. I cannot create a CIFS home directory.Can you help me ? thanks for any help
When we did some recent outreach to customers who were new to NetApp, we got a surprise. Several of them were new companies, yes, who hadn’t bought Ne more
Hi,since Netapp is killing their HCI offering (I predicted this since pricing was insane) what is future for ElementOS now?imadam
Hello Team,I have 7-mode NetApp Storage with some LUNs mapped to a Solaris OS server running Oracle Database. The server crashed and was reinstalled b more
Hello, Customer purchase HCI with Mellanox SN2010 from NetApp, customer data center request provide heat dissipation. I can find Mellanox SN2010 power more
I have a 7-mode HA pair: nodeA and node B. I want to configure an IP on nodeA but nodeB does not require an IP in the same same subnet. However, I wan more
When we were running 9.7 we were able to create SnapVault/Mirror relationships in System Manager from the source cluster by selecting a volume and cli more
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  We're excited to announce that the new NetApp Support Site has launched! Try it now, or read our FAQ to learn about the new features and get assist more
  NetApp's response to COVID-19, including an FAQ, can be found here. The FAQ can be accessed directly at this link.   Thanks, and stay safe! -Drew
    When will the new site be launched? The new site will be live in a couple of months. The specific date hasn't been determined yet. What will be d more
Try the New BETA Support Site and Provide Your Feedback! Please keep in mind the site is still in beta testing and may be missing some functionality more
Join the Mod Squad!     We are excited to announce a new program on the Community called 'The Mod Squad'! This program brings together the most passi more
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