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We have moved the existing netapp virtual appliance to new ESX host after powering on in new ESX host it didn't asked to unlock secure vault.   And cl more
Hi,I'm new here, so please accept my apologies if I do something wrong.I have a security style NTFS volume mounted and shared to a client.The client h more
Hi, We feel receiving the following error message when attempting to remove vscan servers from the scanner-pool: Error: command failed: Cannot modify more
Your website page: not seem to do its job. (From a UI perspective, it confirms nothing.) Your chatbot par more
hi,I am depoying a hci with 4x4,i got this message"failed to respond to a jumbo frame ICMP request""failed jumbo frames validation with value of [1500 more
We've cooked up a special INSIGHT 2020 Community badge for this year's digital event that we'd love to unlock on your profile.    Here's how to get i more
Running NetApp Release 9.6P3 and VMWare ESXi 6.5.  I have 3 separate datastores on the NetApp that are presented to the 4 ESXi hosts and all is well. more
Hi all, I have a FAS-2240 and Im trying to add license on the system, I went to the support portal and list all licenses from my system and it seems t more
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  We're excited to announce that the new NetApp Support Site has launched! Try it now, or read our FAQ to learn about the new features and get assist more
  NetApp's response to COVID-19, including an FAQ, can be found here. The FAQ can be accessed directly at this link.   Thanks, and stay safe! -Drew
    When will the new site be launched? The new site will be live in a couple of months. The specific date hasn't been determined yet. What will be d more
Try the New BETA Support Site and Provide Your Feedback! Please keep in mind the site is still in beta testing and may be missing some functionality more
Join the Mod Squad!     We are excited to announce a new program on the Community called 'The Mod Squad'! This program brings together the most passi more
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