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Using SnapDrive , I am trying to Create Disk;  while entring "Storage System Name"  I am  getting error message "Failed to Get Data ONTAP version runn more
Hi,   To connect controller AFF A300 with DS224C disk shelf, I want to know, can I use SAS hard drives in the disk shelf. Does AFF A300 controller sup more
i have a customer who is doing snapshots but when he tried to mount them to test the snapshot is grayed out. They have several NetApp FAS systems runn more
Hi Guys,   I've joined a community recently and I am happy to be here because I see a lot of specialists here.  I had no idea that I will face first p more
We have started prepoulating the data from cloud but there is no progress it shows still as 0% for past 5 hours.   Nov 15 01:52:56 appliance prepop[11 more
how to add 7-mode Array in Apiserver? which type we should use? ontap, ontap select, OCUM, ontap cloud, solidfire.. etc   -Neha
Hi,   We are thinking of snapvault setup in a remote location which is >200KMs away. Is there any limitation on the distance to setup snapvault 
Hello   In the graphs for network utilization I get the wrong % usage, millions %....I just installed NABox and haven't changed anything. Have anyone more
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