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Hello, After installing Config advisor 5.8 windows, when I launch the program I get the error "failed to execute script manage_ca".If I restart progra more
I want to try-out snapdiff API  via NMSDK but I don't find the API listed in ZAPI how can I get snapdiff API to get the difference between 2 snapshots more
Hi all, I accidentally deleted the windows computer account in active directory for the san cifs shares. Now all my shares are inaccessible. How can I more
I am working on a project to find unnecessary data ( like games, photos and videos ) in cifs and nfs shares in our environment. I am using XCP 1.6 Fil more
I am trying to use  Set-NcSnapshotSnaplockExpTime to extend the  snaplock expiration  time of a snapshot  when I issue the command  In my poweshell sc more
For NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP NSO 161 exam , where I can find the relevant information to prepare for this exam on NetApp site
Hi all,   Can the snapcenter plug-in for mysql also be used for mariadb on RHEL?When trying to add a resource, the "type" field is greyed out (also af more
Guys, running an application on Vmware 6.5 U2 with VMFS backed by NetApp C mode 9.3 clusters. The application currently writes out a lot of files to a more
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