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Hi,Could you tell me where I can get the latest flash/firmware update package for the NetApp branded QLogic 2672 FC HBA (NA 111-00910+B0)? Thanks,Erik
Good night I would like some help I have this equipment they offered me I've already searched the net to see if it's possible for me to configure it a more
Hello everyone, I would like to know if you have a tools to calculate the storage efficiency ? Many thanks in advance for your help. Regards. Jeremy
I am pretty sure I cabled everything correctly but not 100% sure, and if I have why do I still get this error?2 DS4246 shelves with IOM6 connected to more
Hello. We received a task to re-purpose two old FAS32xx systems (with no vendor support due to contract expiration) from 7-Mode to cDOT 9. Existing ON more The Cost of Cloud, a Trillion Do more
Hi,I'm new here, so please accept my apologies if I do something wrong.I have a security style NTFS volume mounted and shared to a client.The client h more
Hello, I'm intending to upgrade our Brocade fabrics from gen5 (6510 running FOS 8.x), to gen6, and I would need your assistance please to check the co more
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  NetApp's response to COVID-19, including an FAQ, can be found here. The FAQ can be accessed directly at this link.   Thanks, and stay safe! -Drew
    When will the new site be launched? The new site will be live in a couple of months. The specific date hasn't been determined yet. What will be d more
Try the New BETA Support Site and Provide Your Feedback! Please keep in mind the site is still in beta testing and may be missing some functionality more
Join the Mod Squad!     We are excited to announce a new program on the Community called 'The Mod Squad'! This program brings together the most passi more
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