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Hello,   I have created a test share in netapp cluster and I want to increase INODE UTILIZATION for that particular share because I want to test that more
Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong discussion section. I have an issue with some of my read-only volumes sometimes not having space attributes.   fo more
I'm using Clustered ONTAP 8.2 Have just created a Volume, then a CIFS share with an NTFS security style.  Also created a Qtree. Couldn't access the sh more
Hi guys,   I am evaluating the SaaS Backup for Office 365. Exchange is working fine, but Sharepoint sites are not discovered. The Office 365 user for more
By a freak accident, all files on the /etc folder and all it's subfolder are gone. Everyrting is functional and the other member on the cluster seems more
Hi team, anyone knows the index value OID for a node powersupply,  nodeEnvFailedPowerSupplyCount snmp.   Thing is we want more
This is about this issue: more
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