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I have a netapp e2700 and an e2600.  I would like to conect them together.  The e2700 has a sas sff-8644 and the e2600 which has a sas sff-8088.  Can more
Hey,Just bought A700,I have total of 48 disks ssd. What is the best way to use it?Its configure with 12 disks adpv2 and 36 no-paeriotioned. Do i need more
Hello,    I am looking to build SQL query to see Cluster's Used, Unused and Allocated capacity from past 7 weeks. One pointer for each week.  I am abl more
Hi all,   I'd like to decommission a shelf which only has 1 disk used by an aggregate. The status of the disk is "parity" and if I could choose anothe more
Silly question probably... but is there a way to configure certain parameters to a different value then the default. I would like to have a "row 0" wh more
This is on OnTap 9.4P3.  We attempted to configure SAML for OCSM, but it failed terribly.  We followed the steps in more
Hello,   Could some please help us find out the way to schedule performance reports for NetApp clusters running ontap 9? We checked in OCUM (installed more
When will we be able to disable alert generation for an entire cluster at a time in OCUM? Currently it is impossible as you have to try and exclude th more
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