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Hope you can help.So I've created a PowerShell script to pull back some volume information via the REST API and exported it to XML, here is a brief ex more
Dear community, Is there a way to see a nice overview of the XCP Verify command? We are using NetApp XCP to verify data we moved to our new NetApp fil more
Dear team,I'm trying to generate a token for api queries with powershell, but can't find the right way to do it...How can I generate a token with powr more
Hello Team, I would like to use xcp sync to copy only the new files from source to destination. Is there any flag on the xcp sync command that will av more
Hi, hope you can help. I'm using REST API to pull back cluster properties in order to output to an Excel spreadsheet. # Set URI variable for retrievin more
Hi, I'm using FAS2554 only as a CIFS server.When I check the status with systat, the CPU usage is constantly changing at 99%, and it takes time to acc more
*** Note: This survey is for NetApp partners only ***The annual NetApp Partner Experience Survey went live this week! The survey is a way for NetApp t more
Influence NetApp decisions based on your experience NetApp’s Insights to Action (I2A) is a private online community of a select group of customers and more
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  We're excited to announce that the new NetApp Support Site has launched! Try it now, or read our FAQ to learn about the new features and get assist more
  NetApp's response to COVID-19, including an FAQ, can be found here. The FAQ can be accessed directly at this link.   Thanks, and stay safe! -Drew
    When will the new site be launched? The new site will be live in a couple of months. The specific date hasn't been determined yet. What will be d more
Try the New BETA Support Site and Provide Your Feedback! Please keep in mind the site is still in beta testing and may be missing some functionality more
Join the Mod Squad!     We are excited to announce a new program on the Community called 'The Mod Squad'! This program brings together the most passi more
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