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Is there a place where I can access the NetApp Online Labs ?




Is there a place where I can access the Netapp Online Labs ? I used to practicing online labs on but unfortunalty now i can't access those labs since my company is a Silver Netapp partner & according to Netapp those labs are avaible to Gold and above parterens only . so if there's any other online labs avaialble please let me know   



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You can build your own lab with ONTAP Select or Simulator, or ask someone with higher status to share a lab with you with running WebEx inside the lab. In the last case, owner of the lab have to be online so you’ll be able to access it, otherwise it’ll not be accessible.

Lab on demand is not designed for such a scenarios and this is the only way to workaround.


That's sad to hear 😞 , my company do not provide test hosts to run those simulators unfortunately, guess I have to wait till NetApp change their mind then


There is no need of host. You can install netapp simulator in your own laptop or desktop. Below os one of the playlist links which explains in details and step by step process to install netapp simulator.


Lab on Demand is only available to NetApp partners at the Gold level or above, but NetApp customers with a current support contract can now use NetApp Hands-on Labs.  Go to  and log in with your NetApp support id.  As of today, there are 16 labs available via Hands-on Labs.


Prospective customers (who don't have a support contract) can find a limited selection of labs in the "Try and Buy" section of the NetApp website:  As of today, there are 7 labs available via Test Drive.