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I'm seeing a lot of iScsiPrt errors in Event Viewer and am not sure how to begin resolving them.  Event ID's are 1, 5, 7, 9, 20, 39, and 49.  All conn more
Hello experts, I'm going to ask if you're aware of any customers using VMware NSX in conjunction with FlexPod.From what I know the FlexPod reference a more
IHAC who is already a large SF user with Cloudstack.  They dont have our compute with it.  They are coming up for a refresh and new SF nodes would see more
We are turning on MFA for login to our arrays and AIQ, does anyone know if/how this will affect authentication through the API?
Dear Community All. I use EF560 Storage (OS Firmware 8.4)EF560 SSD (SAN) is DAS configration to Two Host ServerHost Server is solaris 10 (150400-41) L more
Hope you can help.So I've created a PowerShell script to pull back some volume information via the REST API and exported it to XML, here is a brief ex more
Hi, Is there a possibility to make sure a vcan is ready afterInvoke-NcVscanOnDemandTask -TaskName <taskname>  -Confirm -VserverContext <vserver> so we more
We have extended our Data Domain support to include DDVE - Data Domain OS running as a VM, as opposed to on a hardware appliance. Same data source, it more
Our existing Data Domain collector has been extended to additionally support DDVE - Data Domain OS running as a VM, as opposed to on a hardware applia more
I'm trying to use Dependencies between  variables in workflows. For example, I have one variable that can have three Applicable Values I it seems that more