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Hi, I am trying to do a restore from the primary location (no SnapMirror, no SnapVault) but do not see any option where to restore it TO. Is this goin more
Hello,   Our customer is currently using CIFS from Ontap 9.5 and  8.2.4 (7-mode) and he is going to change some user's UPN attributes (userPrincipalNa more
REST commands stopped working after upgrading from 9.6P6 to 9.7P6 for other users than admin. Even though other users have admin role.   <!DOCTYPE HTM more
Hi   Is it possible to get cluster name in below somehow ? Get-NcAggr |select name, totalsize,used,Available   Thanks
Hi team,   i would like to display all limits on all tenants in our SGW environment. Now we use already the powershell module but it doesn't do exactl more
I have four S3 buckets bucket1, bucket2, bucket3, bucket4. I would like to create a new Access/secret key that only has access to ONE of these four bu more
i've followed a previous article : more
Hi all, I've recently upgraded two NETAPP clusters from ONTAP 9.4 to 9.6.  We're using ServiceNav by Coservit to monitor our clusters by snmpwalk usin more
How can I retrieve the corresponding export policy name based on a known volume name, then assign it to a variable in Playbook. The goal is to use the more
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