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Hi,   A backup process has failed creating the SnapVault relationship to secondary storage. This relationship was later created by the next backup but more
Hi experts.    We need to configure A300 and e-series on one AIX server with FCP at the same time. Previously, A300 host utility kit was already insta more
My customer is building on OpenStack infrastructure. They use NetApp FAS as NFS backend for Cinder and Glance, but copy offload is not worked well. Ca more
I successfully upgraded my plugin servers from 4.1.1 to databroker plugin 1.0.1 but i'm not getting any updates on jobs snapcenter server.     How do more
Hello All.   I would like to get the I/O mix (Rnd Reads, Rnd Writes, Seq. Reads and Seq. Writes %) per aggregate or volume.   Using Fusion and autosup more
Hey, I saw that through the "account" section I can pull the storage usage information for the specific tenant but I couldn't find how to pull the tot more
Hey, If I have to connect to a new StorageGRID cluster that I'm not familiar with, and assuming it could be a mix of hardware appliances and virtual n more
i've encountered an issue on ontap9, that looks like this: 1. i create dir1 using file-create-directory  2. i call file-get-file-info for dir1, and ge more
Hi All,   When I am trying to execute oncollect its stopping with below error,   OneCollect - 2020-04-03 10:33:34,659 - process - DEBUG - OneCollect d more
My customer is buying used drives. The question being asked, Does the "power-on" stat ASUP get reset to zero if moved or does the drive carry forward more