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I am receving the following error when I try to create a volume. I checked the site-packages directory and have the NetApp-Lib module available (/usr/ more
Dear all,TL;DR: Harvest gets very high Latency and IOPS values from Ontap 9.4 systems. We prepare a workaround to solve this partially. You can use ou more
Hoping someone can help. Source filer: FAS2552; verrsion NetApp Release 8.2.2RC2 7-ModeDestination filer: FAS2554; NetApp Release 8.2.2RC2 7-Mode In D more
Hoping someone can help.   Source filer: FAS2552; verrsion NetApp Release 8.2.2RC2 7-Mode Destination filer: FAS2554; NetApp Release 8.2.2RC2 7-Mode more
We would like to create a report that gives us the top X consumers of storage space on our volumes.  We can get a list of the users and their space us more
I'm intrested to see if there is a way of calling an external  REST API using WFA?
How are you all managing snapshot policy after using snapmirror to move data?    This is for Data OnTap 9.1p2     For example,  I have data on a netap more
Operation I am trying : create a new lun from snapshot . (Most of time it is successful) Some time i am getting below error: <results status=\"failed\ more
I'm trying to figure out the best way to set dedupe and compression attributes in my workflow based upon the selected aggregate's disk type.  For exam more
OnTAP 9.4 4-node cluster   I have Commvault as my backup software and I need to set NDMP HIST variable to no on the NetApp. I have a really hard time more