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configuring DP Snapmirror with DataONTAP. I want to temporarily mount NFS on the DestinationVol side for ESXi DataStore. In this case, should I do "Sn more
Hi Team   We have a snapmirror relationship between vfiler vols. mounted the source volume on windows server &copied the files in the zip. The snapmir more
I am writing one plugin for NetApp, I want to use use python NMSDK files (,  Do we need to get copyright before using it in o more
All,   We are running OnTap v8.1.3  7-Mode as vfiler, all of sudden some of the NFS shares started giving mount an error on all exported servers with more
i am using NMSDK script  to get info of cluster,but i want to get the output in json() format. How can i set the Content type as "application/json" more
Hi, we Have Primary site Netapp c mode  with iSCSI for LUN mapping and  Recovery site Netapp c mode with FC for LUN mapping . This setup will support more
Hello   I'm seeing over 100% constant CPU utilization for the host.os domain on one of the nodes in my cluster, the other node is showing 15-30%.  Thi more
Just sharing this info -    Objective : Moving CIFS shares from EOL Shelf to Supported Shelf with-in the same 7-mode Controller.  First setup & initia more
Hi All,    NetApp Release 8.2.1 7-Mode I was performing CIFS SETUP and wanted to join domain.I received the error *Could not authenticate with domain more
I was working on vulnerabilities remediation, and we had to fix a “SSL Certificate Self-Signed” vulnerability related to Storage Virtual Machines (SVM more