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Hi,   We are attempting to use the SnapCenter MongoDB plugin to protect our MongoDB replica set VM instances running (VMware). The replica set is made more
Hi All,   We are getting below messages when trying to add E-series storage array to SMI-S Provider. Exception:HTTP Error (401 Unauthorized) & No PG_ more
Is there a way using the Swagger API ( more
I just implemented SnapCenter Exchange backups for our 4 node DAG. When backing up a database with the "Full + Logs" policy, the job completes and log more
Hello We have a sizeable Netapp Harvest Cluster(s) collecting performance data for our C-DOT filers. We want to start collecting capacity data also.. more
Hi,   I would like to test something with Ansible Tower and ONTAP.   It would be great to install the ONTAP Simulator in Google Cloud where I already more
Im wondering if there is a mechanism in the newer versions of SnapCenter to backup an oracle database and at the same time backup a related NFS volume more
Hello,   We are trying POC with SnapCenter and Microsoft Server-to-server storage replication with Storage Replica, the concept is creating cluster st more
Hello, Per the Storage Automation Store, the following versions of DB2 listed below are supported with version 1.0  of the Plugin which is compatible more
Hey, I have about 30 datastores backed up by data broker version 1.0.1 in multiple resource groups. One of my client accidentally deleted his vm. I ha more