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Hi Everyone , Recently I tried to implement the FlexClone function through New-NcVolClone ,I executed the same instructions on three different version more
Hi, REST API returns "msid" for each reported volume, but how do I get the "flexgroup-msid" which can be displayed via CLI? My goal is to find the fle more
Hello everyone! We have encountered the following problem. We have a Storage E2724, which is now End of Life. We used it in production a couple of yea more
Hey all, One of the engineering projects we have been working on is building a E-Series collector for CI that uses E-Series' REST API. This should be more
We ran in this problem after upgrading de PSTK to version 9.14, scripts on version 9.10 works ok.when  we connect with  connect-nccontroller  "$netapp more
Hi everyone,We're currently investigating some significant differences in the reported physical used capacity between NetApp versions 9.13 and 9.14 an more
Hi, trying to run VVol testing on laptop with the simulator and 9.6 (finshing off some old labs),  have 99% of the software (apart from the API servic more
When obtaining the usage capacity of end-user servers,we connect to the NetApp server via HTTPS and use the "quota-report-iter" of the OntapClusterAPI more
Question about Active IQ Unified Manager Version: 9.14Does anyone have an idea on how we might go about creating a notification on these two events: w more
I have  a script that can quiesce or abort on a single relationship  (Invoke-NcSnapmirrorAbort...or Quiesce)My goal is to have  is to Invoke_ .... Abo more