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Hi all, I miss a API call to assign a QoS Policy to an individual VM. more
Hi there Looking for some help with the Verification of MS SQL AOAG database members. I have a simple AOAG setup across 2 SQL Servers  for DB1. I want more
Thank you for being our valued partner and participation in our previous EAP programs.We are pleased to announce SnapCenter 4.5 Beta/Early Access Prog more
I am trying to create what I assume should be an extremely simple view in ActiveIQ Unified Manager - a list of every volume with a column showing the more
I have snapcenter 4.3. 2 ,Plug-in for vspere virtual appliance 4.2 ,vcenter 6.7 I see today that the job where 4 datastore were backuped need 30 minut more
In case anyone missed it, this is a really great video from Insight 2020 that has a quick and easy overview on dashboard creation. https://tv.netapp.c more
Is it possible to create a commandlet that returns a variable back to a workflow without use of the addWfaWorkflowParameter?  I ask because I would li more
I'm attempting to configure a new installation of CSA 4.2 in our lab environment and I have been able to add vCenter, UCS Manager, and our NetApp Clus more
Hi,Anyone had an issue about CI keep collecting data from CSA portal ? I have confirmed the CSA agent Onprem has access to internet and done culrt -l more
Hi , I am new to APi's, Wrote the below one, My requirement is to get the quota report for a user. Couls someone kindly help me with the error below.c more
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