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ONTAP 9.6 adds support for an expansive RESTful API.

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The ontap simulator link: https://mysupport.netapp.com/tools/info/ECMLP2538456I.html?productID=61970 shows an empty white page. Is there a new simulat ...read more
Hi All,   I'm using ONTAP  9.6p6  version and trying to GET the snapmirror relationships from the target array and/or source array too but from both I ...read more
Hello, Not sure if this should be in here, or in the Python section?   I've been doing some work with the Python bindings for the rest API and so far ...read more
Hi,    Please find below link that explains the procedure to report issues with ONTAP REST API and ONTAP REST API Python client library, https://kb.ne ...read more
I am using the Python Library to list the volumes on a cluster/SVM. One of the SVMs in the cluster is protected by SVM DR. I would like to query all o ...read more
the vol in activeiq webview can show flexgroup constituent volumes but rest api does not show - any idia?     Rezk Mekhael
Hello all, I want to script REST API using powershell. How do I get the credentials (token) and pass it to the commands? something similar to this: [t ...read more
got this error when he tried to run a Rest API Call for /api/storage/volume 00000005.000173e6 0020e504 Tue Apr 28 2020 04:53:02 -07:00 [kern_audit:inf ...read more
Hi all. I'm struggling with a problem using the restapi storage/volumes, it doesn't retrieve all volume information! I'm missing 1 volume flexgroup vo ...read more
Does anybody know how to get the list of available spare disks? On the CLI it's easy:     sim96cluster::> storage aggregate show-spare-disks ...read more
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