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ONTAP 9.6 adds support for an expansive RESTful API.

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  Leveraging example to delete QoS policy from https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMLP2858435/html/resources/qos_policy.html   from netapp_ontap impo ...read more
Hi, I'd like to ask if anybody knows which is the correct URI to get health of an ONTAP system. If I login to GUI, I see "All systems are healthy". Wh ...read more
I am not sure this is right approach but really looking for Neapp support. We have huge amount of Netapp cluster in our environment and looking forwar ...read more
Is there an Rest API call to provided metadata NFS protocol IOP metrics broken down by IOP type like lookup, getattr, create metrics (i.e number of io ...read more
Hello, I would like to be able to utilize the REST API of ONTAP to be able to READ/WRITE/DELETE files on a share. I want to be able to make HTTPS requ ...read more
Hi,   I am trying to understand if we can use cert as authentication process instead of password for REST APIs access I checked the API document and a ...read more
Hi, the Technical Support Center team told me to ask here. Need help getting on the #API slack channel, so we can start solving the problem/bug we rep ...read more
Is there a way to restore a volume to a previous snapshot via the Python OnTap API? I am not able to find it documented in the NetApp REST API, either ...read more
Hello all,   I'm trying to automate getting and setting Quota for users. So far I'm doing well and have already gotten a huge help here, but recently ...read more
I am trying to create volume  using REST APIs however its failing with 400 error code. Here is the syntax I have used   data = {svm.name: svmname,  na ...read more
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